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Diana Kolesnik


학력 : Carleton University (Canada) / M.A in Political Economy

이력Teaching Assistant at Carleton University Kakuozan Montessori, Home-school English Teacher  / Ice Skating Coach Assistant / Assistant Accountant and Office Clerk

English as a Foreign Language Teaching Certificate(TEFL)


#피켜스케이팅 #스포츠 활동 #독서 #문학 #토론

최근 즐겨본 한국 드라마: 

#당신이 잠든 사이에 #신입사관 구해령 #스타트업 

Katherine Johnson


학력 : Athabasca University / BA - English Literature

이력 : ONLINE ESL TEACHER Various big companies based in Asia and Europe /

TEACHING ASSISTANT@White Oaks Public School

English as a Foreign Language Teaching Certificate(TEFL)

관심분야 :

#여행 #새로운문화 체험하기 #하이킹 #테니스 #독서

#영화감상 #강아지돌보기

#TV 시트콤 프렌즈 # 모험영화 #공포영화 #오징어게임 #봉준호감독 영화

Angela Marie Seelman



Major: Psychology with an emphasis in mental health


Student member of American Psychological Association /

TESOL Certification


#과학 #물리 #천문학 #천제물리학 #제임스웹망원경 프로젝트 #전세계의 Tea #요리

#하이킹 #사진 #공상과학소설

최근시청한 TV 프로그램 : Squid Games / Breaking Bad / Stranger Things

소개 동영상(준비중)

Marisa Ebony Porter


학력 : Mount Royal University, Calgary / Bachelor of Arts Degree

Major in Psychology

이력ONLINE ESL TEACHER Various big companies based in Asia and Europe, US / Community Resource Worker - Centre of Calgary AB / Taught 4, 6-year-old children a Kindergarten curriculum

TESOL Certification


#여행 # 독서 #글쓰기 #새로운 요리

최근시청한 TV 프로그램 : Stranger Things / Marvel movies / Kingdom



Amanda Clift


학력 : University of Stirling Master of Arts: Gothic Literature

Texas State University Bachelor of Arts: English

이력ENGLISH TEACHER Various big companies based in Asia / English Language Arts Teacher -Judson High School / Educator for 9 years


#Singing #Dancing #Watching K-dramas and movies.



소개 동영상(준비중)

Elizabeth Romo Mendoza


학력 : Glendale Community College, Glendale CA Web & Graphic Design

이력 : Online ESL Teacher - Various big companies based in Asia for 5 years

TESOL Certification

-Advanced methodology that improves students reading and conversing skills 

-Can create a relaxed and friendly environment to learn 

-Able to tailor teaching style in accordance with students’ needs -Exceptional personal skills with the ability to address others requests and concerns 


#가드닝 #대중연설 #쿠킹 #영화감상

Theresa Macleod-Gould


학력 : Lancaster Bible College Bachelor of Arts Degree in General Studies, summa cum laude - PA US

이력Online ESL Teacher - Various big companies based in Asia for 7 years / 

Content Writer

-CELPIP Instructor Training Level 2

-OCELT (Ontario Certified English Language Teacher) and ICTEAL certifications

-CLB Bootcamp Certificate January 2022 Tutor Certificate, Level 1, KPU

-TESOL & TEYL (Teacher of English to Young Learners) Certificate


#제빵 #독서 #글쓰기

최근시청한 한국 TV 프로그램 : Gentleman's Dignity and Romance is a Bonus Book

Elizabeth Currie


학력 : University of Winnipeg / BA - English & Classics
이력 : Teacher(Elementary Science / Assistant Art / Montessori) Primary AMI Diploma - Montessori Early Childhood Education - Early Childhood Education (Level II) 

관심분야 : #독서 # 작문 #강아지와 함께 산책 #맛있는 채식요리 만들기 

#어린이 문학 삽화 그리기 #몬테소리 자료 만들기
최근시청한 한국 TV 프로그램 :  여러 다큐멘터리, 코미디Show / 드라마 체르노빌 



Tonya Godee


학력 : University of Manitoba - Winnipeg, Manitoba School of Art 

이력 : Winnipeg Art Gallery Youth Tour Guide / English-Korean Language Program, University of Manitoba / professional English teacher with 5+ years of experience./Taught English to Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School, and High School aged children.

관심분야 : #Riverdale #love art #enjoy oil and watercolor painting

소개 동영상(준비중)

Brittney Guerra


학력 : Texas State University - San Marcos, TX, BACHELOR OF ARTS (B.A.) IN ENGLISH

이력 : Academic Coordinator at a language school / 
Online ESL Teacher - Various big companies based in Asia for 6 years./ CELTA TRAINEE / CELTA Pass A

관심분야 : #Read historical fiction novels #Go hiking
                #Ride my bike #Play with cat.  
최근시청한 TV 프로그램 : Pachinko, love all of the Marvel movies

소개 동영상(준비중)

Cassie Davidson


학력 : University of Guelph, Guelph, ON — Bachelor of Arts, Theatre Studies
George Brown Theatre School, Toronto, ON — Diploma, Performance Studies.

이력 : Stagecoach, Toronto, ON — Location Manager/teaching musical theatre to children (acting classes and dance classes)
ENGLISH TEACHER Various big companies based in Asia/

관심분야 : favourite hobbies are reading books, playing with my dog Remi, and working on creating cosplay costumes. Some of my favourite types of books are sci-fi or fantasy novels like Harry Potter, The Expanse, The Dresden Files

최근시청한 TV 프로그램 : Lord of The Rings/ Studio Ghibli movies, like Howl's Moving Castle. Disney Movies 

소개 동영상(준비중)

Amber Doucet


학력 : Nicholls State University, Thibodeaux, LA Bachelor of Science, Business Administration GPA 3.3/4.0
Louisiana Teacher’s Certification(In progress)

이력 : TEFL/TESOL Certified
 Vermilion Parish School Board, Kaplan, LA/local public schools English teacher/ Online teaching experience Various big companies based in Asia, Global/

관심분야 : writing for my blog, cooking, cleaning, or spending time with my family.

최근시청한 TV 프로그램My favorite show is Yellowstone and its sequels and prequels

소개 동영상(준비중)

Hayley Langille


학력 : Saint Mary’s University Halifax, NSBA in Asian Studies and Anthropology/
University of Seoul, Seoul, South Korea
Certificate of Korean language and culture

이력 : TESOL certification, Oxford Seminars
 Recipient of TOPIK-I Korean language certification(university level)International student mentor/peer at Saint Mary’sUniversity/ University interview preparation and Duolingo™ exam preparation.
ENGLISH TEACHER Various big companies based in Asia/

관심분야 : favourite hobbies are reading books, learning new languages, and cooking

소개 동영상(준비중)

Danielle Perry


학력 : Brock University Ontario, Applied Linguistics/
Brock University Ontario, Master of Arts Applied
Linguistics, TESL

이력 : TEFL Certification UK/

Instructor at Oxford Learning/
IELTS Invigilator/
Intensive English Language Program (IELP) Instructor/
Teacher (Adult Education) at Summit College/
ENGLISH TEACHER Various big companies based in Asia/

관심분야 : Outdoors and enjoy baking. Since it’s currently summer in Canada I like to go on hikes and swim!

소개 동영상(준비중)